We constantly strive to be a part of our clients’ team, as we believe sharing in their challenges is just as important as contributing to their achievements.

We are devoted to providing comprehensive, full service legal advice to the business community. Our clients range from investors and start-ups to corporate entities of all tiers and sizes s, including multinationals, foreign companies and entrepreneurs that seek to establish US operations.

Our practice is predicated on our core values, which define the way we represent our clients. We believe in assisting our clients with dedication, transparency and creativity, focusing on innovative thinking and problem solving.

Dedication to us means serving each and all of our clients by being easily approachable and readily accessible. Our team work approach ensures that each task is being handled by leveraging on each professional’s strengths, so that we constantly strive to maximize our clients’ opportunities, while focusing on cost effectiveness.

While our main office is located in Chicago, we are able to assist our clients in most cities throughout the United States and/or internationally through an established network of associations and close relationships with primary law firms.




The ability to establish a comprehensive vision of all the issues and critical aspects involved in our clients’ business structure allows us to approach them in a more efficient way.

Since its inception, Thinkinlaw has been at the service of the business community in the following areas:

  • Design, creation and structuring of business entities;
  • Assistance with complex business transactions such as international mergers and acquisitions or financing agreements;
  • Day to day corporate assistance and commercial agreements.

We focus on the current legal needs of our clients to provide comprehensive, full service advice to the business community and companies in a wide range of industries that span from design and luxury goods, to heavy duty machineries and IT, to aid their success in a global business environment that is constantly changing.

From the initial product assessment, to structuring complex acquisitions locally, we provide an integrated service. We aim to gain in depth insight into our clients’ business which reflects into a comprehensive vision of their circumstances, needs and concerns, allowing us to find the most effective methods to facilitate their success. We assist our clients in key areas such as commercial agreements and strategic partnerships, corporate and finance, business immigration, intellectual property, labor and employment, mergers and acquisitions, and real estate.




(Clarity – Complexity) * Concision = Substance

Clear communication is critical to tackling a problem effectively, as much as its solution depends on a comprehensive assessment of all the issues coming into play. We are mindful of the needs of the business community, and strive to communicate in a concise and plain manner, focusing on the main critical issues involved in a given structure, in order to provide our clients with a clear cost-benefit analysis, even when multiple interests and issues are involved.

Our practical approach and ability to provide solutions that benefit multiple parties, often balancing conflicting interests, characterize our “Win/Win” mentality. Be it the establishment of our client-counsel relationship, or a complex business negotiation, we strive to achieve the highest value for all parties involved, with the aim of turning potential obstacles into opportunities.


Our Core Values

Dedication: We approach each of our clients as our only client, and we are praised for our informal, friendly approach and availability “…they will go above and beyond for their clients to make sure that they feel as they are being assisted by a devoted team at all times..”

Cost effectiveness: We always strive to find the most efficient solution to help our clients minimize costs while maintaining value

Creativity: Ingenuity means finding the simplest and most effective solutions

Integrity: We abide by strict ethical standards, both with our clients and toward third parties

Transparency: No hidden costs or fees, no indirect dialogue, and maintains clear, concise communication throughout

Maximize opportunities: Even when conflicting interests are present, we focus on multilateral benefit and opportunities for our clients

Problem solving: We maximize value by helping our clients solve or prevent critical issues, never by creating new ones