We assist companies with a wide variety of legal services that span across all of their business needs, from business entity creation to contract negotiation, litigation, including commercial litigation and product liability litigation, intellectual property representation, and business immigration.

Whether incorporating a new business, negotiating a commercial agreement, or pursuing a breach of contract in court, our expertise speaks for itself, leading to an impressive track record assisting the business community. Below is a list of our practice areas.

Business entities

Business entities

From company creation and financing to the sale of your business.

We assist entrepreneurs during the business entity selection and all phases of their company creation. We have a vast experience setting up corporations, limited liability companies and other business entity and we have represented foreign and domestic companies from the initial stages of company creation and financing, to implementing more complex structures. We proud ourselves of not simply being able to assist you implementing the business structure you have in mind, but we are able to sit at the drawing table with you. Thinkinlaw is often assisting companies as their external US general counsel, especially those companies that do not have an in-house counsel, providing a wide array of services, from day to day business assistance and corporate governance, to secretary services.

From general corporate law to shareholders’ agreements, mergers & acquisitions, and divestitures, our expertise encompasses a wide range of sectors, including fashion/luxury, manufacturing and automotive, IT.

Commercial and contracts

Commercial and contracts

From agency and distribution agreements to complex joint ventures and strategic partnerships, our law firm assists clients drafting and negotiating a wide array of instruments to conduct their core business transaction in the United States.

A commercial agreement is as good as the business relationship that it builds between the parties. We assist entrepreneurs during all phases leading to the establishment of a business relationship, being constantly on their side while evaluating long term costs and benefits, with the aim of building lasting business relationships.

From agency and distribution agreements to general sale or supply and terms and conditions, IP and licensing, or the negotiation of a limited warranty, we provide the full set of tools to assist entrepreneurs from the onset of their U.S. commercial enterprise to expand into a more mature business.

Our expertise encompasses a wide range of sectors, including fashion/luxury, manufacturing and automotive, IT.



We have been assisting start-ups, developers, manufacturers, EPC and O&M providers, as well as investors and lenders in all stages of equity and debt financing.

From loan and financing facility agreements to project financing, we developed a relevant domestic and cross border experience on a wide range of complex financial matters, including acquisition and project financing. We have represented domestic and international financial institutions, investors and private equity funds in connection with the financing, acquisition, development, of capital-intensive projects.

We have provided assistance in the following areas of financing:

  • business planning, business entity selection and creation, fund raising and financing;
  • equity, venture-capital, and debt financing;
  • project financing;
  • real estate financing;
  • asset based and equipment financing.

Immigration and business immigration

Immigration and business immigration

We aim at bringing the discussion about the status of the most recent immigration policies to the business community, and we want to offer a strategic and more pragmatic approach to face key challenges affectin​g the business.

THINKINLAW is regularly advising and providing proactive, comprehensive and sound U.S. immigration strategies and solutions to our clients.
Specializing in counseling corporate clients in a wide array of immigration services, we work with our clients in various stages of their business development from start-up companies to already established small to medium sized businesses and multinational corporations in all phases of their business development.
​We possess expertise knowledge in U.S. immigration laws, regulations and policies for both temporary and permanent immigration statuses, providing both short and long term immigration strategies and solutions to best maximize our client’s business needs. Having successfully handled hundreds of clients in obtaining immigration statuses for their executives, managerial and professional employees in virtually every visa category, we have proven experience in providing strategic immigration planning for long term success.

Our main strength lies in creating synergies among all firm’s legal practice departments, as we seamlessly work as a team to provide the best legal representation and strategic solution to our clients in all business immigration fields, including setting up of subsidiaries, outsourcing & personnel transfers, corporate restructurings, mergers & acquisitions, and assisting in all the related due diligence phases We have gained vast experience filing application for virtually all kinds of business visas, including but not limited to B-1 and B-2; E-1 and E-2; EB-5; F-1; H1-B; L-1; O-1; J-1.


Intellectual property and licensing

Intellectual property and licencing

From trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to IP transfer and licensing, we assist you protect and exploit your business’ most valuable assets.

Often the most valuable part of a business is given by its IP assets. We do understand how much of your aspirations and dreams are reflected into your IP, and we want to be there to help you protect it and maximize its value. From the creation of an SPV company in the US to hold your IP assets, to their acquisition and sale, and negotiating strategic agreements, we will devise strategies with the aim of protecting and maximizing your most precious goods.

We have provided assistance in the following areas of IP:

  • IP due diligence and strategic advice;
  • IP registrations;
  • IP licensing;
  • confidentiality and trade secret strategic advice.

Real estate

Real estate attorneys

From buying real estate assets in the Unites States to creation of sophisticated real estate holding companies or real estate financing.

Our lawyers can assist entrepreneurs or individual buying, selling or financing real estate assets in the US. We have assisted clients developing, financing, acquiring and divesting real estate structures, as well as casting strategies to manage, lease, and exploit real estate assets in the United States. From the establishment of a US SPV company to the day-to-day legal assistance, our legal services include:

  • Evaluating and establishing proper real estate strategy and structure;
  • Real estate financing;
  • Developing and construction;
  • Real estate acquisitions and divestures;
  • Managing, day-to-day and leasing.

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